3 Basic Techniques For A Successful Blogger Outreach

Blogger outreach is an important online marketing strategy that many businesses and bloggers use nowadays. What it is: you approach other bloggers to promote your products or services.

The same concept is followed if you just created your own blog and you would like to boost your site’s traffic. Blogger outreach is an effective form of building your online image and presence.

Why should I use blogger outreach?

First, it gets your blog, website, products or services noticed.

The main point of blogger outreach is to help your blog or website get known by potential users. Even if you have the most informative, quality and exciting content, finding subscribers for your site will be difficult at the beginning.

Second, it provides high quality link building.

Link building is a strategy in SEO that you will also need in order to improve your visibility and search ranking. One of the best strategies in getting a quality backlink is by doing some blogger outreach.

Here are three basic techniques to start your blogger outreach campaigns.

1. Guest Posting

Guest posting is when you ask another blogger to publish one of your articles on his blog. But this process is easier said than done. If you begin reaching out to other bloggers without properly planning what your strategy is, they might consider you as a spammer.

To increase your chance of receiving a positive email response after your pitch, you need to consider these three things:

  • Target 1: Clearly identify what the project is about.
  • Target 2: Affirm the benefits they can get from publishing your guest post.
  • Target 3: Clearly mention the steps how you can start.

You can tick all three points in your list by following these 5 steps:

Step 1:Defining The Relationship

Let the blogger or the site admin know that you are one of his subscribers and that you occasionally leave comments on his posts. It is also helpful to point out that you share his works with your friends and colleagues through email or social media.

Obviously, you can only say these things if you have truly done them. Otherwise, it is best to work on these first before you send out your pitch to guest post.

Step 2: Proving That You Are A Real Person

Show the blogger that you really know what you are talking about. Mention one of his recent articles or any article that you truly liked. You can also cite one of his most popular posts.

Step 3: Inquiring To Guest Post

In the same email, ask if the blogger accepts guest post and if you could submit one. Make sure to express your interest in guest posting in a separate line or paragraph so that it will stand out and the blogger can quickly see it.

Step 4: Proposing Your Idea

Pitch or propose your idea for your post – whether it be an article research post, a personal story, or an artwork. Another pointer is to make sure that the idea you are proposing falls within the niche of the targeted blog.

Step 5: Explain Its Value

Do not forget to mention the value of your submission to his audience and how they can possibly relate to it.

2. Offer Giveaways

Another suitable way to work with a blogger is to offer him some giveaways that he or his readers might be interested in. This type of blogger outreach will also maximize the number of emails you get – which can be very useful later on when you apply email marketing.

Let’s pretend that your products are new font styles or sets of icons.

You can easily organize a giveaway by targeting the blog readers. In the past, this was done with a “comment-to-participate basis”. But the problem with it is it was not that effective in terms of getting “the word” out there.

If you are truly serious about a giveaway, you can purchase a tool that offers a “viral giveaway” service. What this means is the participants of the giveaway are encouraged to share their referral links to get more giveaway entries.

Depending on how your product or service fits the target audience of the blog you are hosting the giveaway on, you will most likely receive about a hundred to a thousand emails from your target audience.

3. Product Reviews Or Testimonials

Guest posting is not the only technique to blogger outreach – Product reviews and testimonials can also help your website gain some needed traction.

Instead of giving away an article, you can offer your product or service in exchange for a review. In this case, the blogger will have to write the content for you, in other words write a review.

The best way to get a blogger enticed by your product is to offer it for free. You can also offer two or three additional products for the blogger to offer as giveaways to some of his lucky subscribers. If you have an affiliate program, you can also invite the blogger to join it and possibly get some revenue as well.

The approach of using blogger outreach for both blogs and business websites are almost the same. If you implement the techniques above, blogger outreach is definitely an effective strategy to get a wider audience and increase sales.