How To Rank A Video In Youtube

Youtube has over one billion users – that is almost a third of the Internet total. With this population, it is unmistakably another alley many businesses can tap into to get more customers.

Marketing in Youtube is not new at all. There are numerous companies that ventured in video creation to market their products and services. Some have spent thousands of dollars to curate great content. But not all good-quality videos produced get views. In the end, many marketers and businesses abandon their efforts entirely if they do not get traffic from youtube.

For you to create an automated flow of viewers finding your content on Youtube, you must get it ranked in both Youtube and Google searches by using valuable keywords related to your business.

To get more views by ranking your videos higher in Google and Youtube, you need to understand how their algorithms works.

Appeal To The Youtube Viewers

Just like search engine optimization, you have to produce content in Youtube that serves your viewers, clients or customers. Catch their attention, apply viewer retention techniques and encourage then to engage with your page.

1. Be Creative and Make a Standout Thumbnail

If you already have your keywords, look then up on Youtube and see your competition. Thumbnails are the small image icons appearing next to each video in the results page.

Look at their thumbnails and create something different in order to strike the eye in the list, so people are more likely to click on your video. Youtube viewers naturally gravitate more towards eye-catching thumbnails. To make you video standout, make sure to use colors that contrast from your competitors.

Keep your intro short and catchy. You have at least 15 seconds to grab their attention and to inform your viewers what they are about to see. Remember, Youtube is used by people to be entertained or to learn something. If your videos are not entertaining or informative, then you need to go back to your drawing board, plan some more and try again.

2. Apply Viewer Retention Techniques

Viewer retention is essential to Youtube ranking. It is where your marketing techniques come in. Give a quick introduction, mention an interesting topic that you will show at the end of the video. By keeping your viewers intrigued, you get better viewer retention.

3. Encourage to Engage

Interaction is also vital for ranking higher. To do this, you need your viewers to comment, like and subscribe to your channel. This type of viewer engagement will make a difference in your ranking.

Try to ask questions and encourage them to engage in a conversation in the comment section below the video. You can also check how your top ranking competitors keep their viewers engaged and follow a similar technique.

Keyword Research

After uploading a video on Youtube, you will be asked to fill out the tags and title description. But before doing this, you have some homework to do first. Know what your focus key phrases or keywords will be by researching about them beforehand.

Choosing short tail keywords will put you up with fierce competition. If you are still starting out with your youtube channel, ranking well for short key phrases will be difficult. What you can do instead is to use long tail keywords, which address a more specific query. While such more specific keywords are searched less often, they imply less competition and a better targeting.

Apply What You Researched

1. Title

Just like producing content on your blog, your title structure is determined by your video content. If you created a video instruction on how to make donuts, your title would naturally fall under the “Do it yourself” or “How to” categories. But remember that you have to include your keywords so this may not always be the case.

Showcase your keywords in the title to get the point across to viewers. It is best to keep it short and concise. Anything else can be placed inside the description box. It is also wise to use keywords in the filename of your video. For example, “Youtube_How_To_Make_Donuts.mp4.”

2. Description Box

Putting long tail keywords in your description box is essential. Youtube does not know accurately what your videos are all about when you first upload them. When publishing content on your website, your photos need to contain alt-texts for search engines to understand what the media is about. The description box in Youtube plays the same role.

The detailed approach may be less popular at the beginning, but it is undoubtedly more efficient. The reason behind this is that long descriptions give more information to both the viewers and Youtube which can then positively affect your ranking.

The description box is also a great place to add your website links, social links and other network links that are important to share.

3. Tags

Adding relevant tags will also help Youtube recognize what your video is about. So make sure to use them. To help your video branch out to different avenues, make sure to use a mix of general and specific tags. You may also use your short and long tail keywords there.

Youtube SEO may be seen as tricky, but if you follow the tips above, you will be well equipped with the basic techniques to help your climb up in the rankings. As you gain more subscribers, you will soon visualize the next steps to take to do even better.